Looking for reliable Pittsburgh air conditioning company? With Caruso Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. every service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We use only quality parts and equipment to ensure that your air conditioner is reliable.

Caruso Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, employs skilled technicians to handle all your air conditioning service needs whether it’s repairs, new installations, or maintenance.

Air Conditioning Repair

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AC troubles can make your home unbearable. You need a skilled AC repair tech to solve the issue whether it’s a simple problem with the refrigerant level or you need a whole new machine. You also need an HVAC company who will always shoot straight with you. This is the type of AC repair service you get from our technicians. We can fix the problem no matter what it is or what type of cooling equipment you own.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

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The pros at Caruso Heating & Air Conditioning, inc know how beneficial AC tune-ups are for customers in Pittsburgh. We also know the pitfalls homeowners face when they fail to schedule regular tuneup services. The choice is yours: preventative maintenance or emergency AC repairs. As the preferred local HVAC technicians, we’re eager to help our residential and commercial customers with professional care.

Air Conditioning Installation

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Interested in a full-year AC installation trial? This is just one benefit of choosing us to design and install your new cooling equipment. We make sure you get the right size and type of air conditioner and that the equipment fully meets your needs. When you call for an estimate, one of our experienced technicians will perform and comprehensive assessment of the cooling needs of the home and of your family. We can also connect you with financing..

Ductless Air Conditioning

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Ductless mini-splits come in many different makes and models, so you need an experienced technician to install or repair them. Whether you want to install a new ductless air conditioner for a home with no room for ductwork or you need repairs and maintenance, we are your go-to HVAC company. For new ductless installations, you will have great warranties from our major brands like Carrier ductless systems.